Life Groups

3-D Life Groups


Our vision for every Life Group is to have three dimensions. To explain those better we will do so by breaking down the mission verse for Whistling Pines (why we exist):


“God gives lonely people a family. He sets prisoners free, and they go out singing.” Psalm 68:6 (NIRV)

  • God-
    • Time set aside with God.
    • People have three fundamental needs. The first is transcendence (the need to connect with the Creator)
    • Bible study, prayer, contemplating and discussing the things of God
    • He sets us free
  • Family-
    • Time spent with the body of Christ
    • The second of people’s fundamental needs is community (the need to connect with others through deeply satisfying relationships)
    • Entering into one another’s lives.
    • Intentional discipleship
    • The problem with our idea of community most of the time is that it tends to be exclusive of people outside the community
  • Go out-
    • Time spent with those who don’t know Jesus yet
    • The third of people’s fundamental needs is significance (the need to have a purpose in life and do something meaningful)
    • Intentionally reaching out
    • The group as a whole may focus on one particular area, or each of its members be involved with their own circles of influence
    • It’s not about adding one more thing to our busy schedules
A Life Group is a family that lives out the mission of God together.
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Is God asking you to stay?


“Movement through a position is far easier than sustaining a position.” The picture – a suspension of a single moment – makes it look easy. And, in truth, the greatest dancers make it look easy in life. But it isn’t easy.

Sustaining a position takes self-control, dedication and gumption to fight.

Does God have you someplace and is asking you to stay? To balance? To be patient on His timing? Staying in one place for humans who are in a state of constant motion, can be the hardest thing we do in obedience to God. But the resulting beauty is worth it. His Will is worth it!
-Koren Obispo
 (Kid Master/Children’s Pastor)

The God of Second Chances!

Jonah banner
Our 5 part series on the book of Jonah starts this Sunday (January 18th)…
Week One- Running from God- When we are in rebellion, running from God, “backsliding” etc., He pursues us, welcomes us back and redeems us. We need to stop running and let our pursuer catch us. (Jan 18th)
Week Two- The Call of God- What is God’s calling for each of our lives (specific and general)? God gives a second chance for those who have been running from that calling. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance as the Scripture says. (Jan 25th)
Week Three- The Message of God- God’s message to us when we are fleeing from him with our lifestyle or even in just a moment’s weakness is REPENT! The heart of God is to save and restore. (Feb 1st)
Week Four- Prejudice- Our many prejudices have caused relational conflict with others (and God). God gives a second chance. Not just for forgiveness but for unity. (Feb 8th)
Week Five- I am So Angry- Our anger (men especially) has caused strife in the home, broken marriages, and broken children. But God gives us a second chance! (Feb 15th)


What is the Gospel?

Gospel's Three Main Functions

Meet the Holy Spirit

Beautiful day to you church!

I want to follow-up on this past Sunday morning and also encourage you for this new week. In my sermon, “Meet the Holy Spirit” I went through many characteristics of a person that the Holy Spirit possesses. He is not just some active force or abstract or metaphysical idea. He is not just a symbol of the presence and power of God, He IS the presence and power of God! I concluded the message with challenging all of us to consider/meditate on/pray about this question: “DO I WELCOME THE PRESENCE OF GOD?“. If you were not here and would like to hear the sermon, you may do so here– Conversations with John: Meet the Holy Spirit. We then had a precious time in worship as a response to the message. I feel such a need for our Body to not just learn about the Holy Spirit but even more so, experience the Holy Spirit! Again, I ask that each of us consider the question: Do I welcome the presence of God in my life?

I also wanted to share this email with the church that I received from Joanne (Jacquart) Pyle this morning:

Your teaching on the Holy Spirit was very good! It was a reminder to me again to “listen” to that voice of the Holy Spirit. In fact, for each new year I usually set goals, but this year I clearly heard only one to focus on. (This was hard for me because I’m a goal setter and list maker) I have hanging on the wall above my computer: “The Holy Spirit is speaking… Are you listening?” He has directed me in so many ways in the past and I’ve seen His miracles, but sometimes I get too busy and don’t “hear” those nudges of the Spirit.

On New Years Eve you asked me where I had an article printed… It was one of my personal experiences when I listened to that nudge of the Spirit. Thought you might like to read it – it’s an application of what you were teaching. :)

Here is a PDF of her wonderful short article, Live – Nudge of the Spirit 12-30-12 that was published in Live Magazine. It is a powerful story.

Be led by the Holy Spirit!
Love you guys,
Pastor Shawn

Life Groups & I-Groups Explained

On Sunday, August 26, Shawn McCracken, our lead team pastor, announced a major shift in how we view Life Groups.  By introducing the new, “I-Groups”, we are freeing our Life Groups to become more invitational, relationship based, with no pressure to be overtly “spiritual” or “religious”.  This will enable Life Group leaders and members to invite their friends, neighbors, families, and co-workers to enter into relationships.