You will experience:

A family oriented church of Life Groups
Popular Contemporary Praise music
Casually dressed friendly people
Verse by verse Biblical teaching
Dynamic Children’s program
Local and Foreign missional emphasis

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Life Groups

3-D Life Groups


Our vision for every Life Group is to have three dimensions. To explain those better we will do so by breaking down the mission verse for Whistling Pines (why we exist):


“God gives lonely people a family. He sets prisoners free, and they go out singing.” Psalm 68:6 (NIRV)

  • God-
    • Time set aside with God.
    • People have three fundamental needs. The first is transcendence (the need to connect with the Creator)
    • Bible study, prayer, contemplating and discussing the things of God
    • He sets us free
  • Family-
    • Time spent with the body of Christ
    • The second of people’s fundamental needs is community (the need to connect with others through deeply satisfying relationships)
    • Entering into one another’s lives.
    • Intentional discipleship
    • The problem with our idea of community most of the time is that it tends to be exclusive of people outside the community
  • Go out-
    • Time spent with those who don’t know Jesus yet
    • The third of people’s fundamental needs is significance (the need to have a purpose in life and do something meaningful)
    • Intentionally reaching out
    • The group as a whole may focus on one particular area, or each of its members be involved with their own circles of influence
    • It’s not about adding one more thing to our busy schedules
A Life Group is a family that lives out the mission of God together.
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