Why We Exist (Mission)

“God gives lonely people a family. He sets prisoners free, and they go out singing.”                                                              Psalm 68:6 (NIRV)

We are a part of God doing this through His son Jesus.

What We Want to Accomplish (Vision)
The Church at Whistling Pines will endeavor to:

– reflect Christ… life on life

– embody proclamation and demonstration of the Kingdom of God

– be motivated by the great commission, to make disciples

– have a functioning Body by everyone using their gifts

What Motivates Us (Core Values)

Original Design
We receive the outpouring of the Spirit of God to be participants not spectators. There is no division in Christ’s body between clergy and laity. As the Body of Christ we are all equipped and assigned to do His work.
Team Ministry
We do His work in a collaborative team environment that inspires people to action based on shared goals and cooperation. Every member is encouraged to connect with a team and serve while focusing on what they do best, using their gifts and strengths.
On Mission
We advance the Kingdom of God by extending Jesus and His message into our community, county, and world. Through local and world missions, community involvement, life groups, and church planting endeavors; we give priority to outreach.
Life Groups
We enter into one another’s life by sharing the life of Christ together. Life Groups are a small number of people joined to share common experience together. These groups are our primary environment for fellowship, developing deep relationships, intentional discipleship, and receiving and giving care. We are not a church with life groups; we are a church of life groups. It’s how we do church.
Gathering Together
We join together weekly to be unified, empowered, challenged and encouraged. Our Sunday morning service is about corporate worship, connecting people, vision casting, expounding Scripture, ministering to children on their level, and celebration. This gathering provides the stage for God to speak vision into our collective mission.

Disciple Making
We know that listening to a sermon in the corporate worship service is not enough to facilitate true growth. Discipleship also needs to be happening on the personal level, one-on-one with fellow believers, in small groups, and in purposeful Christian education settings. Each of these levels offers a different dynamic to the growth process. Jesus also commissioned us to make disciples; those who learn from Christ and find their lives transformed.