Shawn McCracken, Lead  Pastor

Shawn is the Lead Pastor and  Elder of The Church at Whistling Pines. Shawn heads up the vision of Whistling Pines, and does much of our Sunday morning teaching. He also has a passion for discipleship, leadership development, counseling, and team ministry; so he spends a lot of his time meeting with people.

His Clifton StrengthsFinder strengths include:

Achiever    Strategic    Focus    Communication    Maximizer

Shawn has been married to Maranda for more than 20 years; they have an adult child,  Michael, a teenage daughter, Joy, and a young daughter, Lia . He loves meetings (he’s sick isn’t he?!), classic monster movies, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and NBA basketball.

You can connect with him on Twitter 

@shawnmccracken or Facebook



Robert Williams, Assisting Pastor


Robert serves as assisting pastor and elder of  Whistling Pines. He has oversight responsibility for deacons’ ministries, including facilities, benevolence, and CARE team. His primary operational responsibilities are finance and administration, but is also involved in mentoring  the worship and technical ministries.

A bi-vocational minister, he is a school bus ninja for Lake County, FL schools.

Robert is somewhat of a geek, who tinkers with computers (hardware and software), plays keyboards, and reads ingredient labels on food jars. An accomplished musician, he also enjoys cooking, fitness activities, camping,  fishing, and scuba diving.

His Clifton StrengthsFinder strengths include:

Relator    Intellection    Self-Assurance    Input    Responsibility

He is married to Brenda Williams for 33+ years. They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

You can connect with him on Twitter

@Rewjr or