Youth Ministry

S.A.L.T., our group for 13 year olds through graduation from high school, meets every Wednesday night for devotions and games and every Friday night for Bible study and prayer. We have a great group of young people looking for Gods direction and fellowship with their friends that can best be found in a Christ centered youth group. S.A.L.T. is an acronym that stands for Saving All Lost Teens.

 Our name states our mission, so we are very active in the community bringing our worship team to other local churches, street witnessing, and helping in our church’s CARE TEAM and ROOTS programs. Some of our favorite activities are going on our annual Pilgrims Survival Journey, fielding our bimonthly paintball games, going to Christian concert venues, quarterly prayer retreats, and monthly Friday night hang out parties. We also provide worship for FUSION; a gathering of local youth groups as well as an active part of Collide, a group of youth leaders very effective in community evangelism.

If you’d like to volunteer to serve in SALT you can email Steve@whistlingpines.org, Wednesdays @ 6:30PM, Bible Study Friday nights at 6:30PM

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Here’s what SALT means to some of our teens: