Meet the Holy Spirit

Beautiful day to you church!

I want to follow-up on this past Sunday morning and also encourage you for this new week. In my sermon, “Meet the Holy Spirit” I went through many characteristics of a person that the Holy Spirit possesses. He is not just some active force or abstract or metaphysical idea. He is not just a symbol of the presence and power of God, He IS the presence and power of God! I concluded the message with challenging all of us to consider/meditate on/pray about this question: “DO I WELCOME THE PRESENCE OF GOD?“. If you were not here and would like to hear the sermon, you may do so here– Conversations with John: Meet the Holy Spirit. We then had a precious time in worship as a response to the message. I feel such a need for our Body to not just learn about the Holy Spirit but even more so, experience the Holy Spirit! Again, I ask that each of us consider the question: Do I welcome the presence of God in my life?

I also wanted to share this email with the church that I received from Joanne (Jacquart) Pyle this morning:

Your teaching on the Holy Spirit was very good! It was a reminder to me again to “listen” to that voice of the Holy Spirit. In fact, for each new year I usually set goals, but this year I clearly heard only one to focus on. (This was hard for me because I’m a goal setter and list maker) I have hanging on the wall above my computer: “The Holy Spirit is speaking… Are you listening?” He has directed me in so many ways in the past and I’ve seen His miracles, but sometimes I get too busy and don’t “hear” those nudges of the Spirit.

On New Years Eve you asked me where I had an article printed… It was one of my personal experiences when I listened to that nudge of the Spirit. Thought you might like to read it – it’s an application of what you were teaching. 🙂

Here is a PDF of her wonderful short article, Live – Nudge of the Spirit 12-30-12 that was published in Live Magazine. It is a powerful story.

Be led by the Holy Spirit!
Love you guys,
Pastor Shawn