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Around the Bible in 366 Days
Week 29 – You Know My Anxious Thoughts (Psalm 139)
Week 28 – As Far as the East is From the West
Week 27- When God is Silent
Week 26 – The Fear of the Lord, Psalm 34
Week 25 – God Our Father
Week 24 – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
Week 23 – I Will Worship!
Week 15 – NO SLIDES
Week 8 – NO SLIDES
Week 5 – I Must Have HIS Presence!
Week 1- The Transformative Word of God
2016 Messages (other)
2015 Messages
All about Kings and Men
Christmas Presence
James – Practicality
The Power and Role of Prayer (James 5:13-20)
Patience in Suffering (James 5:1-12)

Christian Conflict Acts 15 vs 36-41 16 vs 1-5

Don’t Make it Difficult (Acts 15 v1-35)

Appointing Leaders (Acts 14 v21-28)

Lessons from Abraham

In the Place of… Acts 14 vs 1-20 – Pulpit Notes

Honoring the Word of the Lord (Acts 13 v36-52)

Serving God’s Purpose (Acts 13 v13-36)

Gospel Blindness Acts 13:6-12

Separate Unto Me, Acts 13:1-3

God’s Emancipation Proclamation

Praise to the King of Kings (Acts 12 v19-25)

Acts 12 verse 1-19 – Paul – How God Rescues Us

Evidence of Grace Part 2 (Acts 11 v19-30)

Evidence of Grace (Acts 11)

Biblical Nutrition

Acts 10 – gRace Relations

The Impact of a Servant (Acts 9:32-43)

Paul – A Believer on Fire (Acts 9vs. 20-31)

Acts 9 verse 1 – 19 – The Conversion of Saul

Right Place at the Right Time (Acts 8 v26-40)

The Captivity of Sin – Acts 8 vs. 24-25

Kicked Out of the Nest (Acts 7 v51- 8 v4)

New Year’s Aim (Acts 6 v8- 7 v53)

Footprints- I am a Missionary

New Year’s Attention (Acts 6 v1-7)

Unwrapping Jesus – Jesus God Incarnate

Unwrapping Jesus – Jesus as King

Unwrapping Jesus – Jesus as High Priest

Jesus as Prophet

The Full Message of the Gospel- Part 2

The Full Message of the Gospel- Part 1

Let Us Rest – Acts 5:12-15

Acts 29

Is God Angry Acts 5 v1-11 Oct 27

Spirituality Weds Practicality (Acts 4 v32- 5 v11)

Hanging with Jesus (Acts 4 v5-22)

Traded For Jesus – Acts 3:13-26

What I Have, I Give You (Acts 3:1-10)

Life in the Early Church

True Repentance – Acts 2:22-41

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-21

The Apostolic Ministry Acts 1:14-26

Constantly in Prayer (Acts 1:12-15)

Foundations for the Believer – Acts 1: 1-11

Acts of the Sent Ones – Intro and Overview Robert July 28,2013

Here Comes the Groom

The Gift of Prophecy

Christians and Demons Part II

Christians and Demons Part I- Pulpit Notes

Christians and Demons Part 1

Repairing Your Altar (1 Kings 18 v16-40)

What I have to Give

That’s None of Your Business!- John 21:18-25

Our God of Second Chances- John 21:15-17

What a Fish Story!- John 21 v1-17

No Doubt About It – (John 20-24-31)

ALIVE- Jn 20 v1-18-web

The Ups and Downs of Peter- John 18:1-27

Perfect Unity – John 17

Asking and Believing – John 16:17-33

Meet the Holy Spirit- Jn 16:5-16

The World Loves Me Not- Jn 15 v16- 16 v4

Greater Things Than These- Jn 14 v12-31

Jesus is Born

Jesus is the Truth

Jesus is the Way – John 14:5-11

Jesus is God

Veterans Day

The Litmus Test- Jn 13 v18-38

The Seed Must Die- Jn 12 v20-36

The Full Extent of His Love- Jn 13 v1-17What is True Believe John 12 vs 37-50

Is Once Saved, Always Saved- Jn 10 v22-42

I Choose to Die – Sermon PowerPoint

The Good Shepherd

Spiritual Blindness- Jn 9 v32-41

Once I was Blind but Now I See

Why- Jn 9 v1-7