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We believe that verse by verse Biblical teaching is the best way to feed growing Christians. It is our prayer that as we teach in this fashion, God will reveal the issues in our lives that matter today.  He has always been faithful to give us just the right word for every season. We are currently in teaching series going through the book of Revelation called, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”.

February 2018

Week 6- Office Gifts

These gifts are not intended to be the ones who alone are gifted to do the work of God in their given gifting or domain. Instead, individuals operate in these gifts to equip and prepare the church to do the “the work of the ministry” (works of service)! They help to edify and unify others to utilize their gifts to serve God and serve people.
(Ephesians 4:7-16, 1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

Week 5- Manifestation Gifts

These are the gifts that manifest themselves through the Body of Christ to attest to His gospel through signs and wonders. They bring glory to His name and bring validity to His word. Unbelievers realize that “God is truly here among you.” These gifts appear when they are needed the most. They may not always be something that we function in on a day to day basis like motivational gifts. (1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

Week 4- Motivational Gifts

These are the gifts that motivate us. They seem to govern and influence other gifts at other times. These stay with us, compel us, an inform our service to our God as we serve others! Understanding and recognizing these gifts helps to realize how we function and how the Body of Christ works with its many parts. (Romans 12:3-18)

January 2018

Purpose of Spiritual Gifts


We examine what are spiritual gifts. Why are they given, for what purpose? Who should they impact? What is our directive from the Lord concerning spiritual gifts? Being able to “label” your gift is not of utmost importance. Using your gift is!
(Acts 2:1-21; Ezekiel 37:1-10; 1 Peter 4:7-11; Proverbs 18:16)

Week 2- When the Holy Spirit Comes on You

The Father promised a gift. One that we must wait for before we can accomplish His will. His power, His active presence in us and through us compels us, sends us, and equips us! We examine what it is to be baptized in His Holy Spirit. This is NOT a one-time event.
(Acts 1:4-8; Acts 4:13-14; John 7:37-39; Luke 11:1-13)

Week 1: Word AND Spirit

It is one thing to know truth but another to know the power of the truth. But what about knowing and experiencing both? We are called to

Neil Silverberg – Why do we need the Church?

Anointed apostolic leader, Neil Silverberg challenge us as to why belonging to a local church is more important than ever.

December 2017

Advent – Love

(Luke 10:25-29; John 15:9-13; 21:15-17)
Hate is not the only opposite of love. Often, what we think is love can be in variance to what it really is. In fact, we won’t know or experience what love truly is until we understand the love in which God gives, the love that God is. Jesus gifts us His love. This week we examine perhaps what we may be missing.

Advent – Joy

(Matthew 15:8; Psalm 37:1-7)
Is something missing? Tired of just going through the motions in your walk with God? We’ve been commanded to feel, not just to think or decide and remain emotionless. Did you know that? Jesus gifts us His joy. This week we celebrate how that joy can change our life!

Advent – Peace

(John 14:27)
Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Overwhelming grief. Sometimes these become our constant companions. It doesn’t have to be this way! Jesus gifts us His peace. This week, we look at peace that is ours as we continue to walk in Him.

Empower School Special Service

November 2017

What’s Most Important! (Revelation 22:6-21)

The concluding words of Revelation reminds us what the entire book has been about: Jesus is coming soon and blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book. This demonstrates that ‘prophecy’ concerning Revelation is not what we’ve been so accustomed to being fixated on—date-fixing, speculations according to latest world events, etc. Instead, the prophecies are more centered on forthtelling than foretelling. This epilogue exhorts God’s people to holiness and obedience with 7 final challenges. Come Lord Jesus!

Everything New! (Revelation 21-22:5)

The plan of God has been completed! With the new heaven and new earth, we see the rejuvenation and rebirth of Genesis. Sin and the evil one has been vacated. The dawning of the City of God, the new Jerusalem is established—His people—gloriously in His presence. There is no need for the sun, moon, or stars for He alone will illuminate. There will be no temple, chapel, or church building to gather in, for worship in His presence will be everywhere!

What Does the Thousand Years Mean? (Revelation 20)

Revelation 20 can be quite confusing and is such a controversial chapter in Scripture. It’s meaning has much to do with where you place its timing and what your view of the book in total is. In this teaching, though we look at various views of the thousand-year period, we set out to celebrate the binding of Satan and what that means for the Church! The idea that he is bound for a thousand years is an idea that is reflected all through Revelation.

The Second Coming of Jesus! (Revelation 19:11-21)

Jesus triumphantly returning on a white horse with the armies of heaven in tow sets up the final climax. What a glorious vision John is given! Here in what is commonly called the battle of Armageddon, the destruction of the beast and false prophet takes place and later Satan’s eternal doom.

October 2017

The Bride of Christ Made Ready (Revelation 19:1-10)

A roar in heaven occurs with shouts of, “Hallelujah!” There’s three reasons for the celebration and they are all connected closely. Babylon has fallen, the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has been made ready! This preparation has enormous implications for us right now, right here, and going forward as a church, His bride.

Come Out of Babylon (Revelation 18)

Babylon’s fate is predicted; the great prostitute will fall. God’s people are pleaded with to “come out of” Babylon with her idolatry. This continued seduction (with includes materialistic luxury, wealth, and comfort) is demonic in nature. This is not a call for believers to physically remove themselves from this world, but to remove themselves from moral pollution.

The Great Prostitute (Revelation 17)

In the last six chapters, John goes back to expand on key themes he introduced earlier. First up, he covers Babylon, pictured as a woman- the great prostitute sitting on the beast. The familiar biblical metaphor of that of a prostitute is the embodiment of rebellion against God. Babylon, the prostitute symbolizes all that allures and seduces mankind into figurative and literal immorality. Which throughout Scripture is also referenced as idolatry.

The Wrath of God (Revelation 16)

God’s wrath has been held back from humanity because of His grace, love, and mercy. This is the glorious gospel. There is a time though when His cup of divine wrath and rage fills to overflowing. This is when God will pour out the seven bowls of wrath, His divine judgment, upon the earth. He will destroy the wicked and sinful world that is an enemy of His Christ.

September 2017

A New Song (and How We Learn it) Revelation 14-15

Chapter 14 and 15 are book-ended by a distinct joyous sound in heaven! Sounds like that of rushing waters and peals of thunder as instruments and voices of the redeemed are joined. It is declared to be a new song that is sang. No one can learn the song except for those who have been redeemed from the earth. What were their qualifications? What did they sing? This ‘new song’ is OUR song. For those who have met Jesus, this song we sing even now. To be ushered in by yet another one when we see Him face to face for all eternity!

Some See Giants! (Numbers 13:26-33)

A scouting party of twelve men were sent out by Moses to spy out the land prior to the Israelite armies processing it. Caleb and Joshua were different from the other spies. The other ten saw fortified cities, fighting men, and giants that seemed much stronger than they were. They stirred up fear and disbelief among many. Caleb, however, brought back a report according to his convictions. He decided to follow the Lord his God wholeheartedly, which was rewarded greatly. What overwhelming giants in our own life are we choosing to focus on instead of on the power of God almighty?

The Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13)

Two beasts in league with the dragon are introduced with much symbolism. They are given power and authority to make the people of earth worship the beast and take his mark. This mark is on the forehead or right hand- 666 the number of man. Without the mark of the beast a person will not be able to buy or sell. What do the beasts refer to? What is the mark of the beast? What does it mean for a person to be marked? Is it an actual number? We will explore these questions and more.

August 2017

Satan: The Accuser (Revelation 12:7-17)

One of the reasons given for why the dragon (Satan) was originally cast out of heaven was so that he would no longer be the accuser of the saints before our God day and night. Something he was dismissed over he still does constantly, to this day. Accusing, ringing in our ears, polluting our minds. He brings up our past, our sins and distorts our present and future thoughts to us. This is the enemy of our souls. The dragon always makes war against the woman and her offspring.

Racism – Not in Step with the Gospel

Why do so many white people want to continue to say “nope, not me” without even a hesitation or thought to examine the man or woman inside? In like manner, why be so defensive when racism or supremacy is brought up?! Specifically, I ask these rhetorical questions of the white church. We cannot hope to fully embrace being in step with the gospel and distance ourselves from the plight of others. As followers of Jesus Christ, I remind us all that Jesus, the one we follow, is He who fought a battle that was NOT innately His. He died for sins that were NOT His!

Week 24 – Satan: The Dragon (Revelation 12:1-9)

The second half of the book of Revelation begins with the deeper reason for the mostly outward conflicts facing the Church highlighted in the first 11 chapters—namely, the war between Christ and Satan! John sees certain aspects of this ancient, yet constant as of now, enemy that he reveals to his readers. This week we examine Satan as the Dragon; trying to take out the woman and the plan of God throughout history.

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