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We believe that verse by verse Biblical teaching is the best way to feed growing Christians. It is our prayer that as we teach in this fashion, God will reveal the issues in our lives that matter today.  He has always been faithful to give us just the right word for every season. We are currently in a year round teaching series going through Scripture book by book called, “Around the Bible in 366 Days”.

March 2017

Week 9 – What makes Jesus Nauseous (Revelation 3:14-22)

We come to the seventh and final church Jesus tells John to write to, Laodicea. This is the ‘going through the motions’ church. The ‘I’ve got this!’ and ‘I don’t need anything’ church. Jesus doesn’t mince words—He says that they make Him sick. He will vomit them out of His mouth. Jesus counsels them that […]

Week 8 – Spiritually Dead & Open Doors (Revelation 3:1-13)

Jesus addresses the churches at Sardis and Philadelphia. The first, Sardis, has a reputation of being alive, but are in fact dead. Outward appearances can fool many. But God looks at the heart. They are told to wake up! They must assess their spiritual decline and become doers of His word, not just hearers. The […]

Week 7 – What You Tolerate (Revelation 2: 18-29)

Jesus addresses the church at Thyatira. Here is a church that has great love and faith. He knows their deeds and in fact that they are doing more than they did at first. However, they have allowed much. Sin and listening to those who call themselves prophets has permeated their culture as a group of […]

Week 6 – Faithfulness & Compromise (Revelation 2:8-17)

Jesus addresses the churches at Smyrna and Pergamum. As with all seven churches that John is told to write to we can relate to their hardships, what they get right, and the sin they have as well. Smyrna has been afflicted and are about to suffer more. They are encouraged to remain faithful. Faithful, even […]

February 2017

Week 5 – First Love (Revelation 2:1-7)

Jesus addresses the church at Ephesus. In so doing, He also addresses the Church in any time or location. Ephesus was a city of amazing wealth and comparative ease. A church in whose people work hard, have great deeds, persevere, and are discerning and knowledgeable in defending the faith. But, they have forsaken their first […]

Week 4 – The Lampstands (Revelation 1:10-20)

In John’s vision of Jesus, He is among the lampstands. Here we have a picture of Jesus as the Great High Priest trimming the wicks and filling the lamps with oil, drawing heavily from Old Testament pictures. He reveals that the symbolism used of lampstands and stars represents His Church—the light of the world. This […]

Week 3 – Vision of Jesus Who Overcomes Fear (Revelation 1:9-20)

John is persecuted and banished to the Island of Patmos. There, he sees a vision of the glorified Jesus Christ and gives an incredible description of Him. His response upon seeing the Son of Man is just as telling as is the description itself. Jesus then majestically addresses FEAR once and for all!!

Week 2 – How Do I Read Revelation?

What a daunting task it is for many of us to start to study and understand the Book of Revelation. How can one make sense of the great imagery of the only prophetic book in the New Testament? In week one we established what the subject and object of the book is. Now we turn […]

January 2017

Week 1 – What is Revelation Really About?

To kick off our study of the Book of Revelation, we first tackle an important question—what is the last book of the Bible about? The subject of the Revelation is not the end of times, signs, symbols, the beast, the dragon, Armageddon, lampstands, or angels. The object of the book is not heaven, things we […]

Week 4- Family Missions: The Effect of Being on Mission Together

(Luke 19:1-10) To paraphrase Jesus’ Great Commission, He said, “As you go… make disciples.” (Matt 28:19). We are called upon to incorporate mission into the mundane of our everyday—as we are already going and doing things. When Jesus encountered Zacchaeus, He didn’t add anything to His day; he just did something with a different intentionality. […]

Week 3 – Family Teaching: The Effect of God’s Word on Your Family

(Malachi 4:4-6; Deuteronomy 6:1-11) The Old Testament ends with a charge to look back to the Lord’s decrees and look forward to the day of the Lord. Prior to that day, a prophet will come and his message will “turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to […]

Week 2 – Family Service: The Effect of Serving Together

(Joshua 24:15) Joshua brought the children of Israel to the point of deciding who they would give their lives to. He challenged them to “Choose this day whom you will serve.” Joshua then declares his position; “As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” He saw serving God not merely a personal […]

Family Worship: The Effect of Worshiping Together

(Matthew 19:13-15; 21:15-16) The disciples rebuked people who were, in their estimation, bothering Jesus by bringing their kids to Him. He quickly corrected their error, welcoming them with open arms. Jesus has a special relationship with children and even points to them as an example for adults. Just as children were shouting “Hosanna” in the […]

December 2016

Week 52 – Jesus Put on Humanity (Hebrews 2:6-18)

The arrival of Jesus Christ in this world as flesh and blood is why we celebrate Christmas. We will explore why Jesus had to have a virgin birth and why He had to become human, coming to us in our likeness. Without Jesus accomplishing this, we would have died in our sins; never being reconciled […]

Sharing Our Faith = Full Understanding (Philemon 6)

Sharing our faith has everything to do with our being called to a ‘ministry of reconciliation’.  When we accept this mantle, and are ACTIVE in this, it opens a door for us that otherwise is only cracked open. In Paul’s letter to Philemon, he writes that his prayer is for him to be active in […]

Reconciliation = Demonstration + Power

The Apostle Paul’s message was not one of persuasive words but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power! We have been reconciled to God through Christ Jesus and have become a new creation if we put our faith in Him. This is accomplished through the Spirit’s great power as our actions and words should demonstrate […]

Two Tracks

November 2016

The Golden Chain (Romans 8:28-30)

Hardships (Acts 14:8-22)

Paul and Barnabas said, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” Life can be very difficult, but we must rest assure that those very hardships are preparing us. Paul and Barnabas went from desperately trying to stop the people from calling them gods and even sacrificing to them; to the […]

Remain (John 15:1-17)

Jesus uses an analogy of a vine, its branches, and the fruit that it bears as relating to our being connected to Him. He also uses the term, ‘remain’ repeatedly. How do we remain in Him? In His love? What does it truly mean to remain? Being connected to the vine brings great joy into […]

Luke and the Holy Spirit, Part 2

When we think of Luke’s writings about the Holy Spirit we would generally think of his second volume, the book of Acts. However, the third person of the Godhead is front and center in his gospel account as well. Luke has a special understanding of the power and activity of the Holy Spirit. He shows […]

October 2016

Luke and the Holy Spirit, Part 1

When we think of Luke’s writings about the Holy Spirit we would generally think of his second volume, the book of Acts. However, the third person of the Godhead is front and center in his gospel account as well. Luke has a special understanding of the power and activity of the Holy Spirit. He shows […]

12 Years to the Day (Mark 5:21-43)

Sometimes we don’t understand God’s timing. We know that healing, deliverance, and restoration are ours through Christ Jesus but there are many times when they are not immediate. In fact, God often uses these ailments in our lives to increase our faith and reliance on Him. In Mark chapter 5, we see Jesus’ sovereignty and […]

Spiritual Authority & Faith, Part 2 (Matthew)

The second theme that emerges from the pages of Matthew’s gospel is that of faith. Faith is SO IMPORTANT to Jesus! He remarks concerning a person’s or group’s great faith when healing them. He even says that their faith was the reason for their healing or restoration. He rebukes His disciples numerous times because of […]

Spiritual Authority & Faith, Part 1 (Matthew)

Two themes really emerge when reading through Matthew’s gospel—authority (we’ll cover in Part 1) and faith (we’ll address in Part 2). Matthew stresses Jesus’ own God-given, God-appointed authority. People were amazed and stunned at this; how Jesus taught, cast out demons, healed the sick, and even nature was subject to His authority! Jesus then delegated […]

Extreme Home Makeover (Haggai 1-2)

Scripture tells us to give careful thought to our ways. The prophet Haggai was given a word from the Lord to a people who were caught up in comfort and consumerism; living in beautiful houses, while the House of God was left in ruins. How are we self-absorbed and self-focused while the things of God […]