Audio Sermons

We believe that verse by verse Biblical teaching is the best way to feed growing Christians. It is our prayer that as we teach in this fashion, God will reveal the issues in our lives that matter today.  He has always been faithful to give us just the right word for every season. We are currently in a year round teaching series going through Scripture book by book called, “Around the Bible in 366 Days”.

May 2016

Lessons from Josiah

King Josiah has a heart toward God like his forefather David had. He tore down altars for other gods and purified the land and temple. As his men are cleaning out the temple they find the Book of the Law of the Lord that had been given through Moses. When the king heard the words […]

Who Do We Rely On?

Asa, king of Judah lived a life that was marked by a roller coaster of faith in God. When a mighty army of Cushites came against Judah, he cried out to the Lord and the Lord struck down his forceful enemy. He and the people made a covenant to seek the Lord with every bit […]

Serving Together

When the ark of the covenant that represented the presence of God came to rest in Jerusalem; David appointed ministers before the ark. They ministered to the Lord with music and those who served did so “with their sons.” On this Mother’s Day we will look through Scripture at various parents and children (both physical […]

Mixed Worship

Because of their wholesale sinning and departure from the Lord; the Israelites are captured and exiled to Assyria. The king of Assyria then brings Gentile people from other lands to settle in Samaria in their place. The new Gentile residents began to worship the Lord, but they also served their own gods and persisted in […]

April 2016

Elijah, a Man Like Us

James 5:17 says Elijah was a human, just like us.  We will discover Elijah’s secret to faith, “Living by every word”, his mentoring of Elisha, The Double portion, and finally Gehazi’s corruption that prevented him from receiving the blessing.

He Delights in Us!

King David knew that he was rescued and brought into a spacious place and said the reason was “because He delighted in me!” His son, King Solomon was assured of by God that anything he would ask of the Lord would be granted. Instead of riches, fame, or anything selfish; Solomon asked for wisdom and […]

What is God Telling Me?

In 1 Samuel 26, we read the story of David and Joab sneaking into Saul’s camp late one night.  Joab encourages David to kill the sleeping King Saul because after all, “God has delivered him into your hand.”  David responds in a way in which all of us need to pay close attention to.  In […]

When the Lord Rips Away our Kingdom

The kingdom of Israel was torn from Saul who was rejected as king. Why? Several reasons are listed in our text: he turned away from God; he did not carry out His instructions; he valued religion over obedience; he was in rebellion; he was arrogant; and he rejected the word of the Lord. Pretty good […]

March 2016

Redemption, Resurrection, and Ruth

Ruth is one of the most beloved stories in the Old Testament. It is a love story about overcoming great pain and odds, selflessness, redemption, and giving all for someone else. Not only does Jesus come from the lineage of Boaz and Ruth; but His gospel is also front and center!

Palm Sunday

Every Christian’s Fight (Joshua 1:5-6)

Joshua 1:5-6 says, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their […]

Jesus is Promised! (Deuteronomy 18:14-19)

The coming of Jesus is foretold that He will be a “prophet like Moses among the people.” We can learn much about Jesus by seeing Moses’ relationship to the people he delivered from slavery. Jesus is our mediator; Jesus rescues; He performs miracles; He leads people and intercedes for them; He models a close relationship […]

February 2016

That’s Not Fair!

Moses was highly favored by God; he was privileged to speak to God face to face, as a friend. This same man that God used mightily to rescue His people from slavery, bringing them into their inheritance in the Promised Land was not allowed to enter himself. Instead, God took Moses onto a high mountain […]

Don’t Love the World

Pursuing Holiness (Lev 19:1-2)

The Bible talks much about a Holy God desiring, excuse me, demanding a holy people. What does it mean to be holy? Where does holiness come from and how can we pursue it? Can we even obtain holiness in this life? That’s a lot of questions to be sure; questions that need to be answered […]

Fasting and Today’s Christian (Leviticus 16)

In Leviticus 23 we read about the annual set of Holy Days they were to keep.  Each of these Holy Days had a specific meaning given to it and all were meant to remind the Children of Israel who they were as a holy nation and to also remind them of their relationship with God. […]

January 2016

I Must Have HIS Presence (Exodus 33)

God tells Moses to take His people to the Promised Land but that He himself would not go because they are a stiff-necked people. They had taken His presence for granted. It says when the people heard this news they began to mourn. Moses begged God to go with them and said, “If your Presence […]

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! (Exodus 3-4)

God calls Moses in a very dramatic way to do what appears to be the impossible. Moses uses every excuse he can think of to get out of his calling: “What if they don’t believe me or listen?” “I’ve never been eloquent,” and “I am slow of speech.”  Finally, Moses exclaims, “O Lord, please send […]

Wrestling With God

In Genesis 32 we read an amazing account of Jacob engaging in a struggle with a man who was identified generally as God.  Whether it was an angel or our Lord manifesting himself as a man we know this person to be a representative of God.  This struggle is interesting because it was indeed a […]

What Can I Learn about Being Missional? (Gen 12-25)

We can learn a lot from Abraham’s journey of faith. He is told to leave his home and just go. The Lord would tell him where once He was ready. He receives the promise of many descendants and a form of the first gospel. Abraham believed the Lord and it was credited it to him […]

The Transformative Word of God

As we embark on reading the Bible through in a year as a church, we first address the transformative nature of Scripture in a person’s life.  Specifically we focus on the importance of reading, studying, memorizing, meditating upon, praying, listening to, responding to, and teaching the Word of God. Scripture can and will change your […]

December 2015

All about Kings and Men

Christmas Presence

We celebrate Jesus’ incarnation; not just that he became flesh, but that He became a servant! On this Christmas Eve, we will explore the mindset of Christ becoming man found in Philippians 2:5-11. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

The Power and Role of Prayer (James 5:13-20)

“Is anyone among you in trouble?” James says, “He should pray.” Not always our first reaction unfortunately. “Is anyone sick?” James says to “call the elders of the church to pray over him.” We will examine prayer, prayer offered in faith, the role of others to pray for someone else, and “powerful, effective” prayer.

Patience in Suffering (James 5:1-12)

James exhorts us to “Be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.” Everything is temporal. Yes, including the suffering that we at times endure. The great backdrop of comfort for us, regardless of what we are going through, isn’t so much that soon we will stop suffering.  Rather, it is the fact […]

Who are You to Judge? (James 4:11-17)

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the Christian life is the role of ‘judging’.  On one hand we are told to discern between good and evil and yet we are told not to judge.  In this passage James writes that speaking against a brother is the same as judging them and we are not […]