Becoming Part of Us

Church membership signifies an individual commitment to grasp hold of one another in mutual love and discipleship. 

 As a member of The Church at Whistling Pines, I will:

  • Support and further the mission of this church (ekklesia)*
  • Take part in church life by being an active member of a life group
  • Be present for Sunday morning worship and teaching on a regular basis
  • Support this church with my spiritual and financial gifts
  • Find an area of team service through which I can serve Christ and others by doing what I do best
  • Dwell together with others in unity and love by encouraging them, extending grace to them, and resolving conflicts in a mature and grace-filled manner.

As your church family, we will:

  • Provide training and encouragement for you to grow as a Christian and to share Christ with others
  • Provide opportunities for you to develop deep and lasting friendships in community with others
  • Provide exciting times of worship that inspire and challenge you to go deeper in your understanding of the Bible and respond accordingly
  • Be intentional, thoughtful, and transparent with the use of your financial contributions
  • Provide opportunities to put worship into action by serving others with the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed you with.

 To learn more about our church, and your next step, 

plan to attend our next  “Get Connected!” reception.