We have an awesome kids program called RoOts for nursery to 5th grade, that starts when the service starts. If it is your first time try to come a little bit early so that we can help you find your children’s classroom. 

Giving Kids a Foundation in Christ, RoOts is a children’s ministry serving children from birth to 5th grade.  We strive to partner with families in order to grow their kids closer to Jesus.  RoOts’ primary contact with children and their families occurs on Sunday Mornings in the TreeHouse.  The TreeHouse, our kid’s church, teaches children who God is and what He has done for us in loving, interactive, and age appropriate ways including small group, prayer, application and worship.  Roots also organizes additional opportunities for children and their families to grow in Christ.

  • Kids Feeding Kids is our on-going global outreach feeding kids in Haiti and Peru as well as teaching them about Jesus.  
  • Faith At Home places tools and materials in the hands of parents/guardians to better equip them to lead their children in the knowledge of God.  
  • What Does This Mean For Me teaches older children in more depth what it means to be a Christian in today’s world and what spiritual disciplines and the practices of the church mean.
     “We are, as teachers and parents, interpreters of God’s Word, translating it into a child’s language.  We are dictionaries defining things and encyclopedias explaining things to help children know God better–enabling them to worship Him.” 
    –Kathleen Chapman

    If you’d like to volunteer to serve in RoOts you can email Brenda

    Blessed are those who trust in the LORD, 
    and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.
    They are like trees planted along the riverbank with ROOTS that reach deep into the water.
    Such trees are not bothered by the heat, or worried by long months of drought.
    Their leaves stay green, and they never stop bearing fruit.
    Jeremiah 17:7-8