Everyone needs meaningful relationships in order to be healthy and grow. Life Groups meet regularly throughout the community in homes, coffee shops, parks, sports fields, the workplace, or elsewhere to encourage and support one another in their spiritual journey.
If you are interested in leading or starting a Life Group please see Pastor Shawn McCracken or email him: Shawn


See where you may fit here in our current Life Group directory:

TARGET: New attenders and/or new believers
DESCRIPTION: A 5 week study that is designed to help new attenders of the Church at Whistling Pines and new believers learn “what we believe.”  In this class we cover such core doctrinal beliefs of CWP such as the Trinity, the working of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, the gospel, baptism, and the church.
LEADER: Pastor Shawn McCracken (email: Shawn)
WHEN: New rotation will be announced. If you desire to be apart of the next one, Let Shawn know
WHERE: The Church at Whistling Pines
TARGET: Everyone
DESCRIPTION: Maybe you’re someone wondering if God is real or you just made a commitment to Jesus. Perhaps you’re someone that has been trusting Jesus as Savior for many years; attending church,
involved in ministry, trying to do all the right things. Or you are in leadership; you press through the struggles of life, you read the Word, peace and joy come and go. Where is that lasting peace and joy that the Bible speaks of? You ask, “Is this all there is, is there more?” Well, yes there is! Let’s find out how to get it. Only one qualification is needed for this gathering: are you thirsty, are you hungry for God, do you want to know Him (not just about Him) actually KNOW HIM!!
LEADER: Bev Conner (email: Bev)
WHEN: Every Sunday at 2PM
WHERE: Bev’s home, 44200 Spring Creek Rd., Paisley 

TARGET: Physically fit individuals
DESCRIPTION: A Life Group that enjoys the great outdoors God has provided for us here in Central Florida through recreational bicycle riding, kayaking, or canoeing. It has been proven that exercise and nature release endorphins which help many people with depression. We also go to lunch and talk about what is going on in our lives and encourage one another. Members of the Life Group can bring up whatever is on their heart and walk away encouraged and loved on.
Kathy Stadler (email: Kathy)
WHEN: Email Kathy for dates and times
WHERE: Anywhere there is water or bike trails

TARGET: Women of all ages
DESCRIPTION: This is a ladies only Life Group that meets once per month for a covered dish lunch. We come together to share food and fellowship. We enjoy spending time with friends and making new friends. We pray together and encourage each other.
LEADER: Brenda Williams (email: Brenda)
WHEN: For special events
WHERE: Location varies

TARGET: Families of all ages
DESCRIPTION: This is a family oriented Life Group. They meet together for a shared Pot Luck Dinner. The men and women rotate spending time in Bible Study and childcare.
LEADERS: Obed and Emily Acevedo (email: Emily)
WHEN: Every 3rd Sunday at 5 pm
WHERE: Obed and Emily Acevedo’s home, 27750 SE Hwy 42, Umatilla

DESCRIPTION: A Life Group that affords the opportunity for men to gather together for fellowship, pray, hold one another accountable, and an encouraging study
: Terry Markham (email: Terry)

WHEN: The 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month @ 6:30 pm
WHERE: The Church at Whistling Pines

TARGET: Everyone
DESCRIPTION: This Life Group is made up of individuals from various churches who wish to do an in-depth study of the Bible, book by book. The study is done with a workbook and watching DVDs  taught by Kay Arthur. Classes normally run 6 weeks. This group meets both in-person and by Zoom.
LEADER: Kathy Bronson (email: Kathy)
WHEN: Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm
WHERE: Kathy Bronson’s home, 41415 Silver Drive, Umatilla

TARGET: Everyone (whether you are young in the Lord or mature and every level in between)
DESCRIPTION: Want to know more about the Bible? What we believe? We’ll dive into questions and Scripture with lots of Teaching, Discussion, and Application: all while being disciples who enter into each other’s lives!
LEADER: Jeff Wenger (email: Jeff)
WHEN: The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month @ 6:30 pm
WHERE: The Church at Whistling Pines, 16311 Whistling Pines Rd., Umatilla

TARGET: Those who serve on the Worship Team, those who have indicated a desire to be on the Worship Team, or those who just really love to worship.
DESCRIPTION: This Life Group offers an opportunity for ALL of us to get together and share life with prayer, vision, study, fellowship, and of course, worship.
LEADER: Lyn Smith (email: Lyn)
WHEN: Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm
WHERE: The Church at Whistling Pines, 16311 Whistling Pines Rd., Umatilla
TARGET: Youth 6th – 12th grade
DESCRIPTION: This Life Group is for the youth of this church and the surrounding community. This is a time to create new relationships, encourage one another, serve others, laugh, and have tons of fun. Most importantly it is a time to explore the gospel message together and apply it to our daily lives in new and exciting ways.
LEADER: Kory Hall (email: Kory)
WHEN: Sundays @ 3:00 – 5:00 pm
WHERE: The Church at Whistling Pines