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Life Groups

Everyone needs meaningful relationships in order to be healthy and grow. Life Groups meet regularly throughout the community in homes, coffee shops, parks, sports fields, the workplace, or elsewhere to encourage and support one another in their spiritual journey. Groups are formed based on shared interests such as sports, hobbies, collections, or bible study; shared geography; shared ministry involvement; shared friendships; or a combination of these. Expressing care, building friendships, and discovering and using our spiritual gifts are possible but limited in a Sunday morning church service. These groups make it possible to enter into the life of others easily. Just about anyone can start a group about pretty much anything! This is also the platform for our Men’s and Women’s ministry including fellowship, events, and outreach.

We are not a church with life groups; we are a church of life groups. …It’s how we do church!

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Once people are brought into relationship through a Life Group, I-Groups bring them to a place of intimacy and accountability through small circles of relationships that are same gender or married couples. This is where an even deeper healing and growth take place in an environment of ultimate trust with your closest friends. These groups happen naturally and are not engineered by church leadership though they are strongly encouraged as relationships are built within Life Groups.