Aug 30, 2015
Week 13- Sowing and Reaping (Gal 6:6-18)
  • Aug 30, 2015Week 13- Sowing and Reaping (Gal 6:6-18)
    Aug 30, 2015
    Week 13- Sowing and Reaping (Gal 6:6-18)
  • Aug 23, 2015Week 12- Restoration of a Sinner (Gal 6:1-5)
    Aug 23, 2015
    Week 12- Restoration of a Sinner (Gal 6:1-5)
    We are encouraged throughout Scripture to be in each other’s lives; to bear one another’s burdens and to love one another. This necessitates that we be involved in restoring someone who has sinned. Paul says to the Galatians that if someone has been caught in sin that “you who are spiritual should restore him gently”. What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’? How do we actively restore a brother or sister in Christ? Paul also gives a warning to any who thinks that falling into sin could never happen to them also! Spiritual pride is a very common device that Satan uses in a Christian’s life.
  • Aug 16, 2015Week 11- Fruits of the Spirit vs. Sinful Nature (Gal 5:16-26)
    Aug 16, 2015
    Week 11- Fruits of the Spirit vs. Sinful Nature (Gal 5:16-26)
    There is a war within the human soul that trusts in Jesus as their Lord. That battle is between our fallen sinful nature that we are born into and the new nature given to us by Christ Jesus when we become born again believers. Paul admonishes us to “live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” Just as a certain tree bears certain fruit, so too does our life when we allow either of our two natures to influence us most. If the fallen nature, we will exhibit sinful acts. If we allow the Spirit of God to rule us then we will bear the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians chapter 5.
  • Aug 9, 2015Week 10- Small Things Forfeit Freedom! (Gal 5:1-15)
    Aug 9, 2015
    Week 10- Small Things Forfeit Freedom! (Gal 5:1-15)
    A semi-truck barreling towards us is an easy cue for us to get out of the way or we will suffer major loss. However, smaller things that we may not see approaching us; or worse, something we may think is harmless can be our undoing. Allowing that ‘small thing’ that doesn’t fit with the purposes of God to infiltrate our lives and our faith is detrimental! Paul uses the metaphor of a little yeast working through the whole batch of dough. We will look at the importance of guarding our hearts and minds and establishing boundaries to prevent this from happening.
  • Aug 2, 2015Week 9 – Spiritual Freedom and Slavery (Gal 4:8-31)
    Aug 2, 2015
    Week 9 – Spiritual Freedom and Slavery (Gal 4:8-31)
    Before we knew God we were slaves. Knowing God is not just mental assent; it is an intimate bond. We walk right back into a form of spiritual slavery when we bond to something or someone else other than Christ Jesus. The Apostle Paul uses an illustration of two women in whom Abraham had intimacy with and the sons that they bore. He did this to show doing things the “ordinary way” as opposed to “by the power of the Spirit.” We are admonished to get rid of the slave woman and her son!
  • Jul 26, 2015Week 8- Our Identity (Sons and Heirs of God) (Gal 3:15-29; 4:1-7)
    Jul 26, 2015
    Week 8- Our Identity (Sons and Heirs of God) (Gal 3:15-29; 4:1-7)
  • Jul 19, 2015Week 7- Faith Revealed (Gal 3:6-14)
    Jul 19, 2015
    Week 7- Faith Revealed (Gal 3:6-14)
    The gospel was announced in advance to Abraham, known as the father of our faith. Abraham was justified before God not based on anything he himself did or did not do, but rather because of his faith. He believed and it was accounted to him as righteousness. Jesus was revealed to Abraham centuries before Jesus walked this earth; Abraham believed and put his hope in Him. Faith is the activating agent for us to accept the good news, believe upon the Son of God, be justified from our sins, and receive the promise of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Faith is revealed in Jesus Christ. Before faith comes, we are locked up; held prisoners to the law, our sin, and our efforts.
  • Jul 12, 2015Week 6- The Spirit vs. Human Effort (Gal 3:1-25)
    Jul 12, 2015
    Week 6- The Spirit vs. Human Effort (Gal 3:1-25)
    When we first embrace the grace of God through faith, we realize just how unworthy we are and how much we are in need of our Savior. Without God pursuing us through His Spirit and offering us redemption, we could not be saved. We didn’t deserve it and somehow we realized that—that is grace. Gradually, like the Galatians who Paul writes to, we begin inexplicably trying to obtain our goal by human effort instead. What causes us to make that shift? What bewitched us? Why do we have such a hard time trusting? Why do we think trying to earn His presence in our lives is somehow easier than accepting what the Spirit offers? What a paradox!
  • Jul 5, 2015Week 5- Remember the Poor (Gal 2:9-10)
    Jul 5, 2015
    Week 5- Remember the Poor (Gal 2:9-10)
    All through scripture we see God's heart for those who are poor in this world's possessions.  It seems to be also at the heart of Jesus' ministry, His incarnation, and something by which we will be judged.  Are we eager to remember the poor?
  • Jun 28, 2015Week 4- Hypocrisy (Gal 2:11-21)
    Jun 28, 2015
    Week 4- Hypocrisy (Gal 2:11-21)
    One of the most frequent charges leveled against the Church, unfortunately, is that it is full of hypocrites. A hypocrite is someone who plays a part; someone who pretends to be what they are not. A hypocrite says one thing and does another. Paul uses an example of opposing one of the pillars of the Church, Peter, for hypocrisy along with others that joined him. Paul said that “they were not acting in line with the truth of the gospel.” Peter was concerned with what his peers would think of him, much more than embracing and living truth.  In order for the Church to drop the bad rap that many hold of us, we must act in line with the gospel!
  • Jun 21, 2015Week 3- Are You in or Out? (Gal 2:1-9)
    Jun 21, 2015
    Week 3- Are You in or Out? (Gal 2:1-9)
    In this passage in Galatians we read Paul discussing the ongoing challenge of the Christian Jews who were insisting that circumcision was required to be a believer.  The object of the discussion is Titus, a Gentile who have converted to Christianity and was a companion of Paul's and a servant in the ministry.  Titus was not 'compelled' to be circumcised because it was not required for salvation.  Salvation is a matter of the heart, not the flesh.  In this message we will examine what it means to be changed from within and address hypocrisy that so quickly creeps into the church today.
  • Jun 14, 2015Week 2- Freedom from Being a People Pleaser (Gal 1:10-24)
    Jun 14, 2015
    Week 2- Freedom from Being a People Pleaser (Gal 1:10-24)
    Everyone wants to be accepted and well liked. Who doesn’t? No one wants to be shunned or rejected, that certainly does not feel good, does it? Therefore, at a certain level we all seek approval from others. The danger is when we desire that acceptance or approval at any cost. It becomes our motivation and driving force. Paul understands this dichotomy especially when it concerns itself with staying true to the grace of God—“If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ,” Paul writes to the Galatians. We will address how we know we are being a “people-pleaser” and how we can overcome that in our lives!
  • Jun 7, 2015Week 1- A Different Gospel (Gal 1:1-9)
    Jun 7, 2015
    Week 1- A Different Gospel (Gal 1:1-9)
    There are many believers that quickly desert the true gospel message of Scripture for another one that seems pleasing to them; one that as Paul points out is no gospel (or good news) at all. Paul confronted this very thing at the church in Galatia. Here the church started to believe they must do works in order to be right with God. In our day, that message and many others are prevalent. We will look at what the true gospel is and how it far out ways the counterfeits!